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Posiadamy zaplecze do projektowania i budowania maszyn (obróbka skrawaniem toczenie/frezowanie, spawanie, obróbka tworzyw sztucznych i szkła borokrzemowego). Masz problem z wytworzeniem prototypu? Zgłoś się do nas. Spróbujemy pomóc!



As a matter of fact, older instruments are mostly characterized by very good parameters and have unique features compared to the currently offered new equivalents. However, due to the lack of parts, service representatives, service instructions and unprofitable repairs, these valuables mostly dust in the basement.

Our company conducts a post-warranty service of almost every laboratory instrument.
Our experience as well as fully equipped workshop allows us to perform any repairs of typical and unusual laboratory devices.

We repair typical instruments such as shakers, mechanical agitators, magnetic stirrers, incubators, concentrators, thermostats, thermoblocks and more. We do not limit our services. According to the customer’s needs we can also modify and adapt the equipment to specific requirements.


Liquid chromatographs (HPLC) are the most common analytical instruments found in laboratories as an element of a routine work of every chemist, biotechnologist or pharmacist. Our company offers a service of all typical elements of the HPLC systems such as pumps,
UV/Vis detectors, autosamplers, fraction collectors, and thermostats. We specialize in the HPLC service for those instruments for which the manufacturers support is no longer provided, especially in the instruments that are still utilized in the R&D and/or academic laboratories.

However, we do not support a service of instruments of accredited, analytical and quality control laboratories.

Our extensive experience allow us to conduct any service of systems produce by companies such as: Knauer, Kontron, Gilson, Rainin, Waters and Beckman. We have a full access to new spare parts (lamps, seall, capillaries etc.) as well as a wide range of used parts, which allows us to repair any instrument.

We also provide the HPLC software (LP-chrom®), owned by our company, that gives us the ability to restore many HPLC chromatographs. What is more, it gives a possibility to exchange any component (of another type or company) and arrange its work according to the typical needs. It is extremely important, especially when the component is damaged and/or any substitute is no longer available on the market.

Our consulting, the experience and the LP-chrom® software will gives the ability to restore almost every HPLC!

Our offer includes the new HPLC systems (, as well as used instruments (





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Kamush® Glass Forming Laboratory

Construction, modification, repairing and custom design of borosilicate glass

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